Data-driven, tech-enabled and value-added services

At Acrisure Re, we provide data-driven, tech-enabled and value-added analytics and advisory services. Our analytical professionals include qualified individuals with qualifications in areas such as actuarial, catastrophe modeling, geophysics, mathematics, finance, and meteorology. We work closely with you and your broking team to gain a deep understanding of your strategic goals and build practical and bespoke solutions that align with your risk appetites.

Our access to vast amounts of public and private data, including proprietary data in Acrisure, enables us to provide unparalleled insight. With close collaboration with Acrisure Technology Group, an AI-driven innovative software development team, we always strive to apply the most cutting-edge technology to help you solve business problems and gain competitive advantages. Our agility allows us to respond to market trends swiftly and provide you with risk-informed decisions as to profitable growth strategies, portfolio risk management, and strategic and capital management.


Actuarial Analytics Capabilities

Experience and exposure analyses serve as the foundation for reinsurance placement support, further enhanced through:

  • Building a loss model for the client's business which may involve:
    • Running and potentially adjusting vendor catastrophe models
    • Conducting Monte-Carlo simulations for non modeled perils and lines of business
    • Capturing probabilistic distributions of losses, recoveries, and any other items on an insurer's financial statement
  • Conducting efficient frontier analyses
  • Capital allocation methodology
  • Business plan analysis
  • Structuring, pricing and testing various reinsurance structures against client objectives

Supported by a suite of cutting-edge tools, such as Arius reserving software, and licensed third-party allocations, our team continuously develops interactive R-Shiny and Excel-based models for both experience and exposure rating.

Catastrophe Modeling Capabilities

Catastrophe modeling is an important pillar of our services. We employ models from RMS, AIR, KatRisk and Kovrr. Our global team of experienced and certified catastrophe analysts understand the importance of providing insight to you, not just modeling output. Our approach includes a diverse view of catastrophe risks with a multi-model approach, a deep dive of the models to understand the driver of your modeled losses, a wholistic view of your portfolio risk with both stochastic and deterministic approaches, proprietary tools that can be used to optimize your portfolio and reinsurance programs. Our capabilities include:

  • Data quality evaluation and augmentation
  • Model deep dive analyses
  • Model change management
  • Claims analysis
  • Exposure analysis and aggregation management
  • Reinsurance cost allocation
  • Portfolio profitability analysis and optimization
  • Peer comparison and benchmark analysis
  • Event response
  • Underwriting and pricing analytics
  • Emerging risk modeling

Strategic Advisory Capabilities

Strategic advisory helps you to meet profitability objectives, rating agency requirements and enterprise risk management goals using financial analysis, sector research and business intelligence.

Our capabilities include:

  • Rating agency advisory
  • Capital advisory
  • Business intelligence
  • Financial and risk benchmarking